Our Research

Survival Guide: Essentials of Success in Tough Times and Beyond

Gabriella Salvatore and Christopher Hiserman
September 2009

We are in a whitewater time; unprecedented and unexpected conditions are the norm as we ask ourselves, “How as Learning Professionals do we best enable results when the current is constantly shifting?” Each of us is making a concerted effort to stay consistently engaged with and in today’s marketplace. To that end, we at Vantage Corporate Education undertook this “Survival Guide” study to look for the core essentials of success in tough times and beyond.

Approximately 100 Learning executives, ranging from CEO’s to Managers and Learning Consultants, responded to our web survey. Representative industries included Financial Services, Consulting, Education, Technology, and Pharmaceuticals. Our goal for the survey was to both identify lessons learned across organizations and determine what can be extrapolated from the current context
that might inform how we as learning leaders think long term about introducing, embedding, and reinforcing new behaviors within our organizations.