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 Enterprise Learning works with organizations to create and deliver learning strategies that translate into real, measurable business results and are aimed at developing employees’ abilities in the most fundamental and critical areas of business relationship management. We define “relationship management” as any of the behaviors or competencies required for effective negotiation, communication, coaching, managing change, and influence.

Changing Behavior. Transforming Business.

As respected Bank of America Learning and Leadership Development VP, Pete Thedinga, is known to say, “These are essential skills, not the soft skills of business;” the competencies required to get any kind of work done in any kind of organization. Our core workshops are:

  • Negotiation: Negotiating an optimal agreement without sacrificing the relationship between the parties involved
  • Difficult Conversations: Communicating effectively when the topics are tough and the situation is charged
  • Influence: Influencing others to get things done when you have no direct authority over them
  • Conflict Management: Developing tomorrow’s organizational leaders
  • Managing Change: Proactively managing the implementation of change within an organization
  • Matrix Management: Tools and skills required to collaborate, influence, and manage internal relationships effectively across any organizational line
  • Within Sales: Customized Skill Development Solutions for Sales Organizations
  • Within Procurement: Customized Skill Development Solutions for Procurement and Supply Chain Management Organizations


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