Approach to Learning


We have a proven track record of providing learning programs that have a measurable impact on the business. To make this happen, we rely on an approach to learning that is interactive, relevant and effective.

Our learning solutions are highly interactive and experiential. Simply put, if participants aren’t engaged they won’t learn. We also understand that meaningful learning only takes place when people actively engage with new ideas and skills. 

All of our learning programs are highly experiential and our facilitators are dynamic, energetic professionals who have a broad base of knowledge across industries. We use case studies, fast-paced exercises, simulations, and group discussions to involve participants and give them opportunities to learn through experience and guided reflection.

Below is a sample training video.

Training Video

In order to drive business results, our programs are designed to reflect the particular challenges our participants face in their day to day professional lives. We are experts in quickly getting up to speed on the unique business contexts our clients operate within. This allows us to create customized examples, case studies, simulations, and exercises so that participants are practicing new skills in situations that mirror their particular professional environment, organizational culture, and market dynamics.

Throughout our programs, facilitators draw connections between the classroom discussion and the participants’ business challenges. In many of our programs, we use participants’ own examples as the basis for exercises.

Our learning programs don’t just equip participants with new skills. Rather, they focus on driving measurable improvement in participants’ ability to produce skillful behavior under pressure. What drives enhanced business results is not whether people theoretically understand the components of effective negotiation or relationship management, but whether they can actually negotiate or manage relationships more effectively when the stakes are high. 

Our learning programs are designed to drive change on this level. In order for people to act differently, they first need to think differently.  Our programs challenge unhelpful assumptions participants might have about relationship management, and orient them to a more productive set of assumptions. We do this through exercises that give participants the opportunity to directly experience both negative and positive assumptions rather than simply lecture about them.  We do this because we find personal experience is a more powerful way to help people internalize a new mindset around the principles of effective relationship management. 

We certainly do provide concrete frameworks that help people organize their thinking, and powerful techniques that get better results. But, in order to make these come alive, we provide continual opportunities for practice, application, feedback and coaching so that participants come away with a set of new skills, not just a set of new ideas. 


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