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Areas of Expertise


Practical, Hands-On, and Results-Based

Enterprise Learning offers on-site, web, and video-based learning that cater to our clients’ needs. For our on-site workshops, we offer one-half to three day workshops that typically include 25 participants from an organization.  Our consultants conduct diagnostic interviews to determine the challenges an organization is facing and then cater our programs to meet the identified business needs.  All of our on-site workshops include client specific scenarios and draw from the challenges and examples discovered in the diagnostic process.

In addition, Vantage provides skill-based coaching and customized interventions to meet any individual and organizational need, as well as a variety of options designed to reinforce key messages, tools, and techniques.

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Negotiation Ico


Most people tend to approach negotiations as win-or-lose propositions and assume the amount of value available is fixed - it is impossible for both sides to get what they want out of the agreement.

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Communication ico

Difficult Conversations

Communicating for Results gives participants a third option - approaching difficult conversations well so that they preserve their relationships and deal with the tough issues.

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Influence ico


In today’s organizations, with processes and workflows that cut across yesterday’s clearly defined lines, individuals are called upon to influence others - often with no direct authority and in the midst of competing priorities.

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Conflict ico

Conflict Management

Without frontline/mid-level leaders who can motivate and mobilize teams and creatively problem-solve while addressing an ever-changing business environment, an organization’s ability to maximize impact is at risk.

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Change ico

Managing Change

In today’s intense, global, never-sleep, technologically-driven economy, change happens – and it happens fast.

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Matrix ico

Matrix Management

In the face of different priorities, incentives, processes, and cultural norms, business units and functional groups often find it difficult - and yet necessary - to work together.

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Leadership Ico


In a hyper-competitive and dynamic global marketplace, effective leaders - at all levels of the organization - are perhaps the best form of sustainable, competitive advantage.

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