Achieving Sales Targets at a Leading Global Solutions Firm

The Company

A global leading provider of products and solutions with more than 12,000 employees and $5 Billion in annual revenue.

The Challenge

The company’s market share was being challenged by competitors, including an influx of generics, as patents on one of its flagship products had expired. The increased competition threatened to drive prices down across the market.

Vantage’s Solution

Vantage created a series of customized negotiation skills workshops and rolled them out to the sales force through regional workshops conducted across the country. To determine course content, Vantage used its diagnostic methodology to understand the sales force’s most pressing challenges and needs and conducted an assessment of the system in which the representatives worked and the environment in which they negotiated. Vantage worked with senior members of the sales force in role-specific workshops focused on problem solving, negotiation coaching skills, and strategic account management. Vantage continues to conduct follow-up sessions on an annual basis to refresh past concepts and explore new topics and tools through increasingly advanced workshops with high levels of strategic coaching and interactive role-plays. 

The Result

As a direct result of the training, the company’s aggressive sales targets are being consistently met. The sales force has been able to develop stronger working relationships, even if spending less time face-to-face as a result of increasing territory demands; is more effective at selling the value of services and expertise and steering away from price-centric conversations; and has a greater willingness and skill in cordially parting ways from non-viable accounts. The Account Teams have enhanced their coordination of efforts and sharing of best practices and have been more efficient at distributing their resources — money and people — across accounts. 

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